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      Commission an individual painting!  



    I am experienced in various genres, such as portrait painting (human and pets) landscapes, abstracts, fantasy and more. I frequently make use of several mediums like watercolour, acrylics, oils, pastels, colored pencils and am also experienced in digital drawing.

    Below you can see examples of commissioned work. Almost everything that you can imagine I am able to create. If you think about buying an unique painting crafted only for you and designed according to your individual needs, let's talk! Feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or through this page.



    What happens when I commission an artwork?


    My standart procedure involves a detailed talk about what exactly you, the client, want, and first rough drafts for the foreground as well as the background. The client may either choose one sketch to be completed, select features of multiple sketches to be combined into a new sketch or request a modification of an existing feature. When the coloured sketch has been completed to the satisfaction of the client 50% of the total fee, is to be paid. (Paypal or german standart Überweisung.)

    Upon receipt of the payment work will begin on the final artwork. Progress updates will be provided on a regular basis, so colour choices and minor features can still be adjusted. Major change at this point may require renegotiation of the timeframe and fee.

    When work on the final artwork is complete a low resolution version will be e-mailed to the client for final approval. By giving final approval the client is agreeing that the work is complete and the final payment of the remaining 50% is due.

    Once the price is paid in full the artwork will be shipped in the following 3 working days - it can of course also be picked up in person.


     Shipping costs may vary depending on the size and medium. E.g. a painting on watercolour paper in A4 costs 3,45 € to ship, A2 round about 10€. Shipping costs for paintings on stretched canvas can cost 30€ or more. 

    Traditional Portrait
    on watercolour paper
    Traditional Portrait
    on stretched canvas




    Digital Portrait
    high resolution (300 dpi)
    approximately A2 (ca. 16x23 inch)
    - digital or traditional

    Whether in Disney, American comic, manga style, or even a completely new one designed for you - illustrations can be highly individual and therefore should be discussed individually in order to meet your specific needs. 
    So, let's talk!

    Abstract art

    Tiny or huge, quiet or bold - abstract paintings can express every feeling or atmosphere, concepts one struggles to find the words for. 
    The structure can also vary dramatically. Geometrical forms, waves, color splashes, a smooth color gradient, textures and collages, everything is possible. 
    In which room do you plan to display it, what feeling or concept should it express - these and many other questions we should discuss individually if you want to purchase an abstract piece of art. 
    Let's talk!