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      Portrait on stretched canvas   


    It doesn't have to be a portrait of your significant other, of yourself or your grandmother - it can also be your cat or dog - or any other pet. There are also various styles in which a portrait can be done: Cartoon or manga, realistic with abstract background, expressive splashy style, vibrant or soft colours or even a royal depiction on a throne - because, why not. 


    Some people have an already full developed idea of how their painting should look like it, others give me some information about the person they want to have painted such as favourite colours, hobbies, special places they associate with that person and I develop a composition that incorporates all the clues. Both approaches are absolutely ok.

    Let's talk and see if we can invent the perfect painting together!





    Paintings can take 4-6 weeks until completed.

    I would love to send you regular work in progress pictures so that you are involved in the process and get exactly the painting you want!

      (up to) Half body  





    18x24cm (~7x9 inch)               95


    24x30cm (~9x11 inch)              115€


    30x40cm (~11x15 inch)             130€


    40x60cm (~15x23 inch)             150€


    50x70cm (~19x27 inch)             170€


    60x80cm (~23x31 inch)             200€


    80x100cm (~31x39 inch)starting from 220€

      Full body  





    18x24cm                     not available


    24x30cm                     not available


    30x40cm (~11x15 inch)               150€


    40x60cm (~15x23 inch)               170€


    50x70cm (~19x27 inch)               190€


    60x80cm (~23x31 inch)               240€


    80x100cm (~31x39 inch) starting from 270€



      additional characters  
      half body                             full body    


    + 60 €          + 70 €